Who We Are

We, the members of Faith AME Church, are more than a group of people who gather together once a week to worship. We are family, bonded together through our shared values, vision, and experiences. Since our founding in 1986 in Laurel, MD, we have been building long lasting relationships with our community by partnering with the local schools, local government entities, community-based organizations, and other area churches.

From Rev Diane Parker, the founding pastor, to Rev. Robert Hodges, Rev. Reginald Crump, Rev. Christine Moore, Rev. Tony Boone, Rev. W.O.E Christopher, and to our current pastor, the Rev. Vernon Ware, we have grown and are thriving as a congregation spiritually and with compassion because we have been blessed with great leadership. Speaking of our current pastor, he is certainly one-of-a-kind. He is a God-fearing servant of the Spirit who cares for us with great interest, passion, and love, and avails himself to all who are in need.

We are a group of people focused on christian discipleship. It is this that propels us to continue to serve God with zeal in all we do. Yes, we worship together, but do so much more. We genuinely care for each other and support one another with a godly love and respect.

We are not a large congregation, but we are a great one, and there's always room for one more. We have certainly come this far by Faith.